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Sea Mist Shrimp and Pacific Salmon Paté

The chunks of shrimp in this combination spread are sure to please the seafood lovers on your gift list. The Shrimp Spread is the only one of our products with chunks but they are small enough to still allow excellent spreadability on even the most delicate of crackers or as a base for tortilla’s. Shrimp has been caught in the Pacific Northwest for centuries and is still plentiful to this day.

This succulent spread can be prepared as a great snack, appetizer or light meal. Quick and easy preparation means simply open the package and the spread is ready for bread or crackers. Our spreads are perfect for a picnic as there is no need for a can opener just peel the lid back and enjoy the product straight from the can. All of our spreads come packed in an individual paperboard box for added protection during an adventurous trip to even the most remote mountain top.

Sea Mist Shrimp and Pacific Salmon Pate

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