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Sea Mist Lobster and Pacific Salmon Paté

Lobster Spread is the newest addition to our line of spreads. It is quickly becoming our second most popular spread with a large percentage of product being shipped back to the East Coast. This delicate spread is blended with brandy for a very special distinct flavor.

Lobster is trucked in from the waters of the North Atlantic Ocean and blended with our local Salmon and Cream Cheese to create a mild but tasty appetizer for stuffing mushroom cups. Your quick and easy preparation means simply open the package, place the spread on a serving platter with a garnish such as parsley. Enjoy with bread sticks, crackers, or toast. The product is shelf stable until opened and then must be kept refrigerated to enjoy over the next few days.

Willy's Fancy Fish Lobster and Pacific Salmon Pate

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